Amalfi Coast Sterling Silver Band

£ 54.99


We’re obsessed with the details on our Amalfi Coast Sterling Silver Eternity Band. The design features a thicker oval band between two parallel Pave Bands in the form of one eternity band to pack a stunning punch!

Please refer to the below guidance for specific measurements of the Amalfi Coast Sterling Silver Eternity Band:

Size 4.5 – Size I – 15.33 mm diameter/ 48mm circumference
Size 5.5 – Size K – 16.2 mm diameter/ 51mm circumference
Size 6.5 – Size M – 17.01 mm diameter/ 53mm circumference
Size 7.5 – Size O – 17.95 mm diameter/ 56.36mm circumference

Extra Extra Small: Size 4 (Ring Diameter 15mm) (UK Size H)

Extra Small: Size 5 (Ring Diameter 15.7mm) (UK Size J)

Small: Size 6 (Ring Diameter 16.5mm) (UK Size L)

Medium: Size 7 (Ring Diameter 17.35 mm) (UK Size N)

Large: Size 8 (Ring Diameter 18.1 mm) (UK Size P)

Extra Large: Size 9 (Ring Diameter 19.0 mm) (UK Size R)

Please view the ring sizing chart to help you choose the correct size.

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