Safety Pin Sterling Silver Ring


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The adjustable (one size which fits sizes 5-9) stunning Safety Pin Sterling Silver ring provides the perfect accentuation of glam to your hands! Its open adjustable design allows you to wear this ring on different fingers to create different looks, so your hands can dazzle in a multitude of ways.


-Genuine Sterling Silver
-Cubic Zirconia
-One size adjustable design will fit Sizes Extra Small (Size 5/), Small (Size 6), Medium (Size 7), Large (Size 8), Extra Large (Size 9)
-Available as one Adjustable Size (Adjustable to fit Sizes 5 to 9)

Extra Extra Small: Size 4 (Ring Diameter 15mm) (UK Size H)

Extra Small: Size 5 (Ring Diameter 15.7mm) (UK Size J)

Small: Size 6 (Ring Diameter 16.5mm) (UK Size L)

Medium: Size 7 (Ring Diameter 17.35 mm) (UK Size N)

Large: Size 8 (Ring Diameter 18.1 mm) (UK Size P)

Extra Large: Size 9 (Ring Diameter 19.0 mm) (UK Size R)

Please view the ring sizing chart to help you choose the correct size.

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